Update July 2020: We've launched iSave 4 months ago and since delivered close to 1 million visitors to 250+ FnB outlets in Singapore. As restaurants are allowed to reopen now, we want to thank every user of iSave. You've helped to support your favorite establishments in these difficult times. Onwards and upwards! The initiators Patrick, Rene and Pawel.

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Singapore, 30 March 2020


Singaporean Initiative to help save restaurants, bars and local businesses

More and more people are staying at home. Cafes are clearing away their tables, restaurants are limiting opening hours, bars remain empty, boutiques are losing their customers: COVID-19 has the city firmly in its grip. There is much less income, but running costs are still being incurred. This increasingly threatens the existence of local restaurateurs and businesses.

#isavesg is a platform to help restaurants, hotels, bars and other local businesses survive the crisis. It was put together over a weekend by three friends – Patrick, Pawel and Rene. Patrick previously co-founded local deals platform Dealguru and Food Runner (now Foodpanda) and Pawel was a co-founder of Foodpanda. They love the culinary variety, the quirky bars, the cosy cafes and the creative and great retailers in the city. To keep it that way, they created #isavesg. This initiative allows you to support local businesses financially that are affected by the COVID-19 crisis by buying Offers for restaurants, bars, cafés and boutiques.

iSaveSG is completely free of cost and doesn’t impose any fees on merchant or user. The funds go directly to the respective partners so that they can pay their employees and cover running costs. After all, it is mainly the small cafes, restaurants and shops that are currently suffering most from the restrictions of public life.

The team is focused to get as many partners as possible on board as quickly as possible. Anyone running a restaurant, café, hotel, bar or other local business can register on the website https://www.iSave.sg. A short questionnaire is all it takes and your Offer will go online. Help to spread the word by drawing attention to the website and social channels using  #isavesg so that even more people take part in this great initiative.



The #isavesg initiators Pawel Netreba, Patrick Linden and Rene Linden.


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