Update July 2020: We've launched iSave 4 months ago and since delivered close to 1 million visitors to 250+ FnB outlets in Singapore. As restaurants are allowed to reopen now, we want to thank every user of iSave. You've helped to support your favorite establishments in these difficult times. Onwards and upwards! The initiators Patrick, Rene and Pawel.

We created iSave.SG to help  local businesses cope with the severe implications of the COVID-19 crisis. iSave.SG is completely free for users and merchants.

Our platform gives you the opportunity to raise cash for your business by submitting Offers.

We will link back to your offer page on your own website or other platforms.

Describe your Offer and anything else you'd like to let us know here.

Upload appealing photos of your establishment here. These will be displayed on our website.

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